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My most recent major project........the fence from hell...

This was a bunch of work!

8' Cedar Board on Board

11' Posts buried 3'

20' Remote controlled roll-away gate

Demo'd old driveway and replaced with 6" 3000lb 3 car driveway with #4 rebar 1' OC

You can see Pam working away!

Here I am making a mess out of my new driveway during the fence building project.  I lucked only rained about 4 of the 6 weeks I worked on it.

Pam wouldn't get in the pictures, she just took them.......





This door used to be a window.  I wanted access to the backyard from my bedroom, so there you go.


Notice the 2 story clubhouse I built for the girls out of spare wood from the fence project.  I finally put a roof on it a year later :-)