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The above image is from James Bradbury, Long Eaton, Nottingham, UK, Oct 1999: "I got the Crest from the official Coat of Arms and Crest book here at the local Family history Club library, I did not send you any Coat of Arms as there are indeed many different one's in the Bradbury family, the Crest was listed as I said as the GENERAL Bradbury Crest, no mention was made of it belonging to the Essex Bradbury's."

The image was cleaned up by Jim in Arizona and his daughter Lauren in Tennessee.

From Rudy Bradbury, received the following:
From: "Burke's Geneological and Heraldic History of the Peerage, Baronetage, & Knighthood" by Pine

Bradbury (Lancashire) Crest - A demi wood-pigeon ar. the body fretty gu. and each wing charged with a buckle ar.

Bradbury (Derbyshire and London). Crest - A demi dove, volant ar. fretty gu. holding in the beak a slip of barberry vert, fructed gu.

Also from Rudy, from Burke's "The General Armory"
"Arms of the Bradbury of Essex"  Crest - a demi-dove volant arg. fretty gu. holding in beak a slip of barberry, vert.

Heraldry Abbreviations

From The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales Comprising a Registry of Armorial Bearings from the Earliest to the Present Time by Sir Bernard Burke, C.B.,LL.D.,Ulster King of Arms
ar. or arg. argent, or silver
fretty interlaced fillets crossing the field
fructed bearing fruit
gu. gules, or red
vert. green
vollant flying

Embroidered Crest



The black and white image at the top of the page was sent to Judy Bradbury English in Tyler, Texas who with her friend Joyce Barry who owns an embroidery machine came up with the colors of thread which were embroidered on a shirt, April 2000


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