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06 June 2012, Ray Bradbury dead at 91
Ray Bradbury
Ray Douglas Bradbury, born Aug. 22, 1920, in Waukegan, Illinois to Leonard Spaulding Bradbury a utility lineman, died last night in southern California which has been his home for the past several decades. Ray Bradbury was well known for his science-fiction books and short stories. His classic book "Fahrenheit 451" was later made into a film of that name. Bradbury also wrote for the TV show "The Twilight Zone". He adapted 65 of his stories for television's The Ray Bradbury Theater, and won an Emmy for his teleplay of "The Halloween Tree."

Bradbury Olympic Gold 2002

  [Steven Crosses Finish Line and Wins]

  [Steven on Podium With Gold Medal]

  [Bradbury Family Crest]
Bradbury Family Crest

Name: "Bradbury" Defined
Bradbury (County Durham)
From the North East England History Pages by David Simpson
An Anglo-Saxon name meaning broad fort or settlement. A settlement may have existed here in pre-Saxon times. The surrounding Bradbury Carrs is a poorly drained area, but the settlement may have been of importance and may once have formed an island within a lake.

Bradbury Family Motto:"Aequitas actionum regula"
"Let equity be the rule of our actions"

Bradbury History
| Bradbury Name Spellings | Bradbury Name Origin | Bradbury Places | Notable Bradburys | Bradbury Heraldry |
| Distribution of Bradbury | Family Research | Family Pedigree |

Provided by John Bradbury
Kingswinford, Nr. Stourbridge, England

Bradbury Sewing Machines

Excellent research, drawings, and photos provided by Lin and Dave Best

Bradbury Motor Cycles

More excellent research, drawings, and photos provided by Lin and Dave Best

Bradburys of Newfoundland, Canada

Provided by: Blair Bradbury and his sister Yvonne Bradbury-Wiseman

Bill's o' Jack's Murders

Provided by John Bradbury
Kingswinford, Nr. Stourbridge, England

Bradbury Heritage Lines
Line from Allison, Holly, and Sierra to Arthur:
James Todd (5), Bret Arthur (5), James Arthur, II (4), Carl Arthur (3), James Arthur (2), Arthur (1)

Rudy's family line to Thomas:
Ahban Fred (8), Moses Howard (7), Elijah (6), Elijah (5), Jacob (4), Jacob (3), William (2) Thomas (1)

Jennifer Kay Bradbury Fairchild's line to William James:
Linage of William James

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Other Bradbury Links
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David Bradbury's Bad Art, London, UK
Jim's Blog

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